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Monday, September 3, 2018

Car Donation Maine (ME)

Do you have AN unused automotive usurping house in your Maine driveway? Look no additional than the nation's highest returning vehicle donation program, automotive Donation Wizard. present any sort ofvehicle from cars and SUVs to motorhomes and trailers to boats and private watercraft through our straightforward to use wizard. automotive donors residing during this stunning state, covering over seventeen million acres of forestland and three,500 additional miles of unbelievable lineation ought tograsp that not all vehicle donation programs area unit created equal. Most programs come back 15-20% of cyber web income of your Maine automotive donation back to the charity. automotive Donation Wizard returns eightieth of cyber web income from your vehicle donation back to the charitable organization, earning the most for your charity and your tax receipt.

Car Donation Maine

Donations created through automotive Donation Wizard area unit tax deductible, however you ought tocontinually consult your tax authority for data specific to you. we tend to build a promise to vehicle donors to solely work with 501(c)(3) prestigious national and native charities that area unit able to settle for tax deductible donations. different organizations could also be victimization your donation for gifts, giantsalaries and advertising - eliminating from your charities bottom line.

Donate a automotive with the simplest in Maine and every one of the U.S. nowadays on-line or by job one in all our vehicle donation specialists at 877-957-2277!

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