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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Teachers Aid Surprised With Donations For a New Car

It’s nice to ascertain a meriting person receive some providence and blessings! Such is that the case with Monica Brewer, referred to as “Miss Momo” to her students. Monica works at Associate in Nursing grade school in Fresno, Calif. as Associate in Nursing tutorial aide.
Although Miss Momo is simply a teacher’s aid, to her students she is way quite that.

She has various jobs and wears several hats that embody being a tutor, mentor and counselor for her students. Another important job that she has taken on is that of a chauffeur.

Often driving her students wherever they have to travel, Miss Momo takes them to their rehearsals, games, events and tournaments after they want a ride. She’s driven them to their distant tournaments, practices and even hauls their instrumentality and equipment for them. She’s been seen delivery uniforms home to in person wash them. She will such a lot for her students and he or she loves each one of them.

However, once her automotive required to possess Associate in Nursing review, it all over up not passing the smogginess necessities. Miss Momo was unsure what to try to to as a result of her vehicle, a ‘97 Geo Prizm, had over 220K miles on that. There was no cash for her to induce a brand new automotive. And to create matters worse, her automotive was thus out-of-date that she couldn’t notice the components to shop for which may fix the matter.

There were searches through junk yards and visits to constituent stores attempting to search out any components which may work to repair her automotive. it had been all to no avail.

Her automotive was her lifeline yet because the lifeline for several of her students.

But Miss Momo’s unselfish service to her students didn't go unnoted. In desperate to facilitate in a way and knowing that others needed to assist too, her sister got wind of a surprise GoFundMe page for Miss Momo. The page was to boost cash for a brand new automotive with the goal set at $14,000.

It solely took 2 days for that goal to be reached and even passed. It eventually skyrocketed to over $25,000!

Miss Momo had no plan originally that this fundraiser in her behalf was even happening, otherwise she would attempt to stop it, her sister says. She 1st noted that one thing was up whereas she was work a hoops. Her phone unbroken moving like the devil with notifications. it had been her Facebook that was lighting up with comments from her students expressing what quantity they blue-eyed her.

She questioned what was occurring once one in every of her former students finally told her regarding the fundraiser. She was a touch swamped to mention the smallest amount. It all felt crazy to Miss Momo. She felt crushed to the purpose that she had no words. The love and generosity poured get into her behalf and it had been superb.

Although Miss Momo doesn’t like all the eye for her altruistic acts of service for her students, she feels reallyblessed and honored to understand such nice individuals in her community that she’s been certain nearlythirty years.

Today Miss Momo has her new ride and is very grateful for all those that contributed and shared their appreciation and like to her.

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