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Monday, September 10, 2018

Zakat Foundation of America

At pillar of Islam Foundation of America (ZF), our zakat-funded programs square measure as various as they're expansive. ZF ensures donors have multiple choices from that to pick once deciding wherever to send their charity. Our programs square measure active across the planet wherever they're overseen by ZF’s international offices (Jordan, Turkey, Mali, Ghana, and Bangladesh) further as variety of partnerships supported the bottom.

ZF’s zakat-funded programs include:

Food Aid: causing essential water and food to the less luckyparticularly throughout Ramadan and Udhiya (Qurbani).
Shelter: Repair or reconstruction to broken infrastructure or temporary help within the variety of tents.
Orphan support Program: Supporting a baby with food, clothing, education, and health care.

Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation of America’s Zahraa University – solely for Turkey’s Syrian refugees – awarded bachelor’s degrees Gregorian calendar month twenty seven to its initial class, before a packed audience of dignitaries and students from across the globe, nongovernmental organization officers, and student loved ones.

“Today, you graduates have come back to understand – much better than most – the that means of sacrifice for education and discipline,” aforesaid Mustafa Müslïm, university president and minister. “We area unittherefore happy with your success and devotion. this can be our moment to thanks.”

Zahraa’s thirty five recipients, all Syrian refugees, advanced quite their careers once they took hold of their degrees. They valid the university founders’ vision. Host countries build a far better future – for victims of violence and their own societies and regions – by committing to teach instead of hinder kids of forced migration.

“After war poor move into might 2011, we tend to found ourselves running nonstop between [southern Turkish border provinces and districts] Mardin, Kiziltepe, and Hatay. Everywhere, we tend to saw an unbelievable range of kids, several solicitation on the wayside,” Demir aforesaid. “Right then it hit Maine. we tend to should modify them. we tend to straight off contacted Gaziantep’s governorate. that they hadopen hearts. Then and there, we tend to ordered plans for our education comes, as well as Zahraa University. we tend to didn’t need to depart anyone out.”

“We offer initial priority to education,” aforesaid Mehmet Demir, pillar of Islam Foundation representative in Turkey, underscoring the deep commitment the relief institution’s leadership has got to education because the solely counterpoison to war and physical transgression. “Today, the numerous issues we tend to face as Muslim communities directly result from an absence of education and from cognitive content.

“You students have seen this along with your own eyes. you're living it. you have got come back from a rustic whose lofty history has been dropped at smoldering ruin. Its day has grownup dark, its future pawned.

“But this can be not your destiny,” Mehmet Demir aforesaid. “You have the ability to alter this example – created doable solely through education and discipline.”

“We need to lift a generation which will establish equity and deliver liberty,” aforesaid Müslïm, noting this needs mixing the essential social ingredients of compassionate vision, bold native leadership, and a benevolent creation of political area. during this regard, he recognized the contributions of pillar of IslamFoundation, Gaziantep’s municipal authorities, and Turkey’s president.

He cited this uncommon cooperation in Turkey, associate degree unspoken comparison with differentcountries suddenly inundated with forced migrants, as facilitating the university’s international tutorialenfranchisement, very important to its graduates’ careers in world and society.

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