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Sunday, March 8, 2020


American Family Auto Insurance is the tenth largest auto insurer in the country, but offers more personalized service and appears to have fewer complaints than other insurers.

However, customer service is not the only reason why this is a popular service. American Family Auto Insurance also offers a wide range of insurance products with practical bundling options. All of this while at the same time keeping prices competitive.

Despite its size, the insurance is still up to date and offers functions such as carpool insurance for professional drivers. Using an intelligent app is also a nice touch to allow quicker control in a damage situation.

American Family Auto Insurance offers the KnowYourDrive program, which allows you to be tracked to potentially save money on your policy. Provided that you are classified as a safe driver after the analysis period has ended.

Car rental reimbursement is another nice feature, as are gaps coverage and the addition of reimbursement in the event of accidental death. But more on that below.

Guidelines: How Much Does American Family Auto Insurance Cost?

Minimum coverage: $ 811
Comprehensive coverage: $ 2041
The prices vary depending on many factors such as age, driver history, creditworthiness, location, vehicle type and much more. However, these numbers give you a rough idea of pricing compared to the competition. These use the average for all numbers to give you an overview of pricing.

For the minimum coverage, American Family costs $ 811 compared to $ 819 for Geico, $ 1390 for Allstate, and $ 1469 for Farmers.

If you choose full insurance, an American family customer pays an average of $ 2041 compared to $ 3545 at Allstate, $ 4280 at Farmers, and $ 2158 at Geico.

American family car insurance: KnowYourDrive

With a tracking app you get discounts for safe driving
Save up to 40% of your premium
One of the most outstanding functions of American Family is the KnowYourDrive setup. With this system, the company can track your journey over a period of time to assess how safe you are on the road. The idea is to possibly offer you savings on your policy if you are a safe driver.

KnowYourDrive is something you can enroll in if you want. You can then place a tracker in your car that records data such as speed, braking and acceleration, as well as the time of day for your driving.

These habits help paint a picture that, if safe, will save you up to 40% of your premium. This can be up to two percent. So don't expect too much if you are a driver with heavy feet.

American Family Auto Insurance: car rental replacement
Car rental replacement costs are refunded between $ 25 and $ 750 per day
Depends on your policy type and can be customized at will
If your car lands in the store, you are entitled to a rental car replacement that keeps you moving while the work is done. This is a refund service that gives you money back on rental costs and applies to both comprehensive and collision insurance plans.

At the lowest end, you get $ 25 a day for car rental, but this can be up to $ 750 a day. This depends on your type of policy and can be customized at will, but it only means that you have to pay more for your premium for this high-end offer.

It may be easier to choose an American Family approved rental company because this company can directly charge the insurer, which will save you the hassle.

American Family Auto Insurance: Testimonials
A total of 3 stars from JD Power
2-star rating from ConsumerAffairs

American Family Auto Insurance has a wide range of online ratings because it is a sizeable company and a regular group of customers who come back year after year.

According to the 2018 JD Power study, American Family Auto Insurance received a three out of five-star rating in claims processing, but a four-star rating for the insurance purchasing department.

ConsumerAffairs usually give lower ratings because customers often file complaints. American Family Auto received two stars based on 302 reviews, with positive results for customer care but negative results for turnaround times.

American family car insurance: verdict
American Family Auto Insurance is not the largest or smallest auto insurer on the market and, as such, manages to find the balance between good prices and services on a large scale. It also offers financial strength that customers can rely on.

The app is a very useful way to access all the services you need and is only weakened by a few complaints about the damage processes, which themselves take longer than expected. Thanks to the friendly and helpful customer service, this is something that is less painful as the process is one that you can be guided through carefully.

The competitively priced offering has great features to attract customers across the country

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