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Friday, March 27, 2020

Asia's stock markets are growing significantly - and hope for the United States

The markets in the Far East partially closed on Friday with a strong plus. In Japan, however, there is a growing fear of curfews in the capital region.

Tokyo The US response to the coronavirus epidemic was the defining moment in Asian trade on Friday. The adoption of a large aid package and the subsequent 6.4 percent rise in the US Dow Jones share index also lifted sentiment in Asia.

Prices rose in Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Investors continued to look to the United States with suspense. "Ultimately, it is up to the United States to take the next step," commented Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at the Japanese Daiichi Life Research Institute.

The mood was best in South Korea, where the central bank had announced that it would provide "unlimited liquidity" over the next three months. The Kospi index rose 1.9 percent to 1717 points.

Even China's Shanghai Composite Index, which is less dependent on the USA than on the Chinese domestic market, rose by 0.35 percent, the Hong Kong Hangseng Index 0.8 percent and the Singaporean Strait Times Index by around two percent. A strategist in Japan felt "a sense of relief" rising, fueled by the major central bank and government aid programs.

he dollar exchange rate also reflected this development. While it has become the most important refugee currency in recent weeks and has gained significantly in value, it fell again against the Japanese yen on Friday. The dollar fell 1.9 percent to 108.38 yen. "The surgeon the dollar due to liquidity concerns is easing," said Yukio Ishizuki, Daiwa Securities' foreign-exchange strategist in Tokyo, to Reuters.

However, the pandemic continues to weigh on the markets. In Australia, the All Ordinaries Index fell below the previous day's closing price after a strong start later on. In Japan, the leading Nikkei index rose 3.9 percent from 19,389 points.

Japan is waiting for the lockdown light

While moderate Corona case numbers and China's new start lift the mood in other Asian markets, tension is increasing in Japan. This weekend, the entire Kanto metropolitan area, with its approximately 36 million people, is going into a lockdown light to curb the recent increase in diseases in Tokyo.

But tougher measures could follow, a fund manager in the Nikkei business newspaper warns: "If a curfew is imposed in Tokyo, the Nikkei could face a longer downward movement with two bottoms." depend.

The trigger of the renewed pandemic panic in Japan was the request of the Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike to the citizens on Wednesday not to go out in the evenings on weekdays and to only leave the apartments at the weekend in urgent cases. The governors of the four adjoining prefectures joined the appeal on Thursday. Many stores in the capital also announced that they would close at the weekend.

There is great concern that tougher curfews could follow. Koike has already warned that the explosive growth of Covid 19 cases is possible. At the same time, doubts about Japan's test strategy, which has so far focused on seriously ill cases, are increasing.

Japan's authorities have only officially identified 1,387 cases. But the German embassy in Tokyo writes on its website: “The risk of infection in Japan cannot be assessed seriously. A high number of unreported infections due to the small number of tests carried out can be assumed. ”

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