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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Blue Sky Preferred - Money 2020

With this card, you can earn an allowance of up to $ 100 per year that you can use for incidental flight expenses.

The Blue Sky Preferred® Card from American Express is an airline miles credit card that works according to a points system. With every purchase you make, you earn a point that you can use for a number of things. You can also earn double points for certain travel-related purchases, including hotel rooms and car rentals. You can even earn double points when shopping in restaurants in the United States.

This frequent flyer mileage card is not sufficient in terms of travel benefits because it does not contain many of the benefits included in other award cards, e.g. However, it does offer you an annual airline allowance of up to $ 100 that you can use for a number of additional flight charges, such as: B. Baggage fees, legroom upgrades within the same seat class and in-flight purchases. As with the best airline credit cards, your travel plans are not affected by blackout dates and you can redeem points for international flights. Unlike many credit cards, this Air Miles card does not come with a sign-up bonus or an introductory offer.

If you use your card for certain purchases, you will automatically receive some additional benefits. For example, you get travel accident insurance and car rental insurance when you buy a flight or rent a car with your card. However, reimbursement of baggage losses is not an advantage of this airline miles card. In addition, this card includes consumer protection such as extended product guarantee, purchase protection and take-back protection.

The annual interest rate for purchases and credit transfers is higher than for many other cards, which we variably valued at 17, 24% to 22, 24%. The effective annual interest rate for cash advance payments is 25, 24%. A 27, 24% fine is associated with this card.

This card has no annual introductory fee and costs $ 75 a year. Apart from this fee, the other fees are what you would expect from a credit card. If you use this card for prepayments or to transfer a balance, a minimum fee of $ 5 or 3% will be charged for each of these transactions. If you travel abroad and use this card for purchases, an additional fee of 2.7% per transaction will be added to everything you buy.

American Express is known for its excellent customer service. You can contact the company by phone 24/7 for member support, and you can request member support using the live chat feature on the company's website. You can also look up a variety of frequently asked questions on the website for many of the questions you may have about your account.

American Express's Blue Sky Preferred® card offers several useful features, including air allowance and the ability to earn double points on a variety of purchases. However, the travel benefits offered are insufficient.

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