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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Buy Libra Coin - How to invest in the Facebook Cryptocurrency

With the Libra Coin, Facebook is setting new standards - not only in the world of cryptocurrencies, but in the entire financial world: Facebook's Libra is to become the first global money and can be sent via WhatsApp, among other things. Find out how this works, how you as an investor can benefit from the great potential of Facebook cryptocurrency and where you can buy Libra Coin.


Libra is the cryptocurrency of the Libra Association, whose founding members include Spotify, Uber and Facebook.
Libra, also known as Facebook cryptocurrency, is based on blockchain technology like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.
In contrast to the classic cyber currencies, the Libra Coin should become a global means of payment.
Important: Libra is covered by a reserve fund and therefore particularly stable in value (stablecoin).


If you want to buy Libra Coin, you can soon do this in various ways.
Our recommendation: As soon as Libra is available, you can buy the coins in the Facebook universe, for example via WhatsApp. Investors can (soon) also buy and sell Plus500 Libra Coins as CFDs.
Alternatively, you can also buy "real" libras via Bitcoin exchanges, but this is a bit more cumbersome.
Note: The performance of Libra does not have its own dynamic as with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. As a speculation object, the Libra Coin is therefore rather unsuitable.


World currency, pseudo bitcoin, global money - the list of names for Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra Coin has been quite long now. And the expectations of Libra are huge: Facebook wants to do nothing less than "reinvent money" and create a worldwide means of payment.

To achieve this goal, Facebook has brought several well-known and globally operating companies on board for Libra, including Spotify, Uber and Lyft. Potential founding members such as Ebay, Paypal and Visa have recently bailed out.

The great potential of Libra is made possible, among other things, by the technology behind it. Libra, like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co., is based on the blockchain, in contrast to this Facebook's cryptocurrency is supposed to be stable in value: Libra was designed as a so-called stablecoin and is covered by a reserve fund.

These points alone make Libra a very exciting cryptocurrency, but there are other factors that speak for the success of the Facebook coin. You will learn which these are a little later. The first step is to answer the following questions: Where can I buy the Libra Coin? What are the options? What should I watch out for when buying Libra?


As an investor, you can usually choose from many different options when buying cryptocurrencies. One of the easiest and, above all, fastest ways to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a crypto CFD. A crypto CFD reflects the price of the underlying currency, i.e. the Bitcoin rate, the Ethereum rate or the Libra rate. As an investor, you participate directly in the development of the respective digital currency.

Since the concept of the Facebook coin was only introduced on June 18, 2019, it is not yet clear where and when you can buy a CFD on Libra - and whether Libra can be bought outside of the world by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. The only thing that seems certain is that Libra will see the light of the crypto world in early 2020. From then on, the Libra Coin could also be tradable as a CFD - probably also at Plus500, where you can buy and sell all important cryptocurrencies.

Important: As a buyer of a crypto CFD, you do not have the underlying currency physically, you have a derivative on Libra, Bitcoin & Co. - you can find out more in our CFD trading guide.


As an investor, you participate directly in the development of the Libra exchange rate with a Libra CFD, but you do not have the Libra coin physically. If you want, you can still lever the Libra CFD. With Plus500, for example, you can leverage Bitcoin and Ethereum by a factor of two. In our CFD trading guide, we explain how leverage works in securities trading. Note that CFD trading has been more regulated since August 2018.

Of course, 1: 1 participation without leverage is also possible. The biggest advantage of a crypto CFD is that when you sell your CFD, you can get your money back in full immediately. This is not always the case - especially with crypto exchanges. Sometimes a withdrawal of your capital can take several days.

Our recommendation: If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies as a CFD, you can use Plus500. Plus500 offers deposits by credit card and PayPal as well as a very quick account opening without PostIdent. However, you should first familiarize yourself with CFD trading and be familiar with the risks.

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