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Thursday, March 12, 2020

For example, Apple iTunes cards were used for large-scale money laundering by Bitcoin

The hacking group Lazarus has already carried out numerous cyber attacks. In one of their recent attacks, they even used Apple's iTunes vouchers.

• Hacker group Lazarus steals $ 250 million in 2018
• Apple iTunes vouchers were used for money laundering
• North Korea could be behind the attack

The Lazarus Group achieved worldwide attention through its numerous hacker attacks on companies and institutions. The cybercriminals are said to have captured amounts of several hundred million US dollars as part of their operations. They are said to be responsible for the Sony hack from 2014 and the chaos trojan Wannacry in 2017.

However, they have been particularly keen recently on crypto exchanges. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, in 2018 they took over $ 250 million in attacks on crypto exchanges. They are said to have captured and laundered the money using a "demanding" approach. The Treasury investigation is now focusing on two people.

Investment in iTunes vouchers

According to Kaspersky’s antivirus experts, the robbery took place via manipulated email that gave hackers access to a crypto exchange network. They finally distributed the looted money to four other crypto exchanges and moved the money back and forth between different accounts in order to cover up traces. Two of these accounts are attributed to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Through this, the two Chinese citizens T. and L. received sums in Bitcoin and other currencies worth $ 91 million.
The two Chinese transferred the money to specially created bank accounts. While $ 34 million went to a Chinese bank account, T. bought Apple iTunes vouchers for $ 1.6 millionThis method is a smart cover-up strategy. The vouchers are popular worldwide and therefore have great value. They can be used as currency in hacker forums or as a cash substitute in some crypto exchanges.

Lazarus and North Korea

Security experts have located the data subjects, but they do not have to face any consequences. Since it is very unlikely that China will extradite its citizens, T. and L. have only been blacklisted. For those affected, this means that all funds are frozen.
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The hacking group Lazarus is supposed to be behind all of this. Over the years, the group's attacks have become increasingly complex and dangerous. It is believed that there is a connection to the North Korean government. There has been a rumor for some time that the regime is attacking crypto exchanges in order to finance its own nuclear program with the captured money. In 2019, the United Nations wrote in an expert report that North Korea is increasing in Monero investiert, um "Internationale Sanktionen zu umgehen und Waffenprogramme zu finanzieren", wie BTC Echo berichtet.

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