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Monday, March 9, 2020


Progressive car insurance: what you need to know

Super cheap
Discount programs
Good for those who have had accidents in the past

Progressive Auto Insurance is one of the cheapest ways to insure your vehicle thanks to its affordable policies and strong financial support from this huge US insurance company.

The company is known for its fast claims process. This is impressive when you look at the extent to which insurance policies cover customers. Thanks to these many functions, there are also many discounts. For example, rewards for driving well or even for students who do well are just a few of the incentives that progressives offer.

However, this is a modern system. So don't expect to find stationery shops anywhere. In fact, don't expect to find coverage in all states. So be sure to check yours before proceeding.

Progressive uses a direct model to keep prices as low as possible and outperform the competition. But be warned, this means that many of the features we'll talk about below can be optional add-ons to your policy. Therefore, always make sure that you have all the necessary information before registering. In the case of progressive, you can probably still add this feature to your policy if you need it.

Policy extras such as pet cover and vehicle modification payouts are just a few of the offers you can take advantage of.

Guidelines: How Much Does Progressive Auto Insurance Cost?
Minimum coverage: $ 924
Comprehensive coverage: $ 2,393
The prices vary depending on age, driver history, creditworthiness, location, vehicle type and much more. These numbers give you an idea of ​​pricing compared to the competition. These prices below use the average of all numbers to give you a comprehensive overview.

Progressive offers minimum coverage for an average of $ 924 compared to $ 712 at State Farm, $ 812 at Geico, and $ 1390 at Allstate.

If you take out comprehensive insurance, you'll see an average fee of $ 2393 from Progressive compared to $ 3545 from Allstate, $ 1737 from State Farm, and $ 2158 from Geico.

Progressive auto insurance: snapshot

Offers advantages for drivers who drive more carefully
You must be tracked for discounts
Progressive wants to make the roads safer and therefore offers advantages to drivers who drive more carefully. To assess whether you can qualify as a safe driver and then receive a discount, you need to be followed up. This is done with a free registration program that uses a device that connects to your car. This collects driving data such as speed, how much and when you drive, and more.

Progressive uses this data to adjust your premium rate up or down the next time you renew. Yes, it can go up too. If you are a driver with heavy feet, you should avoid this. This means that you will receive an automatic discount only for registration.

The benefits also apply to a deductible savings bank. If you have comprehensive and collision-proof coverage, you can opt for this program to reduce your deductible by $ 50 every six months that you don't claim. This continues until your deductible reaches zero.

Progressive car insurance: protection against animal injuries
Also covers your pets in the car
All veterinary bills that are paid if your pet is in the car at the time of an accident
Progressive also covers your pets in the car in a rather unique offer. This applies if you choose collision coverage.

This means that if you have an accident and your pet is in the car and is injured, all of your veterinary bills will be paid. This is a great option for anyone who regularly has animals in the car.

  1. Progressive Auto Insurance: gap insurance
  2. Helps you repay your car loan
  3. Pays up to 25% above the value
  4. Progressive will help you repay your car if you still owe it and have an accident that accounts for the total weight of the vehicle.

Gap insurance pays up to 25% over the value of your vehicle, which means that it should be enough to cover the rest of your loan or lease. This is a really good option because paying out when you can't use the car can be a very painful process.

Progressive car insurance: breakdown assistance
Will pay for help when you need it when you stand by the roadside
Covers many different situations, from a flat tire to a breakdown
Progressive pays for help when you need it when you are on the side of the road. If you pay for it, you can use a nearby quickest recovery service and get it back later instead of being banned.

This covers many different situations, from a flat tire or a flat battery to a breakdown, lack of fuel or if you have your keys locked in your car. You can simply call, be saved and take care of the claims later. But don't worry, Progressive is good at paying claims.

Progressive car insurance: carpool insurance
Covered by progressives for 32 states and the District of Colombia
Gives you full coverage all the time
Carpool insurance is provided by Progressive for 32 countries and the District of Colombia. This applies to taxi drivers who work with app-based services such as Uber and Lyft. While these companies offer cover when they have a job, this does not apply to intermediate jobs.

Thanks to the progressive carpooling insurance, you are fully insured all the time. Even if you are looking for work or are coming home, you are still protected on the streets.

Progressive auto insurance: customized parts
Provides cover for those who want to add extras to their vehicles
All added custom parts are also covered
Progressive offers cover those who want to add extras to their vehicles. This means that any custom parts of the equipment added inside or outside of your car are covered in addition to the value of the vehicle.

This part of the policy means that you can request a withdrawal to repair a specific part of the car after it has been damaged.

Progressive Auto Insurance: Testimonials
A total of 3 stars from JD Power
4-star rating from ConsumerAffairs

Progressive is a huge insurer, so it has a lot of feedback that is generally good, but the problems stem from the general consensus.

According to the 2018 JD Power study, Progressive received a three-star rating for processing and purchasing claims. It also received a three-star rating for the rental experience and repair process, which, according to these studies, makes it extremely average.

ConsumerAffairs usually spends lower ratings, so it's impressive that Progressive scored almost four stars out of 2,721 ratings. Good discounts, quick complaints and exceptional customer service are positive. Negatives were negative discounts in all states and no brick-and-mortar stores.

Progressive auto insurance: verdict
Progressive is one of the largest insurance companies on the market, so you get a wide range of features for your policy at competitive prices. This also means that you can expect excellent customer service and a fast claims process.

Although not every state is insured and there is a lack of brick-and-mortar businesses, you can rely on a strong financial position that leads to reliable coverage. For those with pets in vehicles, those with car changes, or those who have previously claimed, Progressive is a great option as an affordable car insurer.

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