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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Withdraw money from the ATM in New York (ATM)

So, if changing the money in person you lose a part, is it better to get it out of an ATM once in New York?

You will see that, in New York, there are ATMs (called ATMs) everywhere: not only in the street but also in many restaurants, shops, supermarkets ...

Two factors come into play at ATMs:

The fixed commission of the cashier. New York ATMs charge a fixed commission for withdrawing money, which is usually around $ 3. From that commission, there is no way to escape.
Your bank commissions for cash withdrawal. Traditional banks charge a commission to withdraw money from the ATM, which is usually a percentage (1% - 5%, depending on the bank) of the money you take out.
To avoid taking surprises, check with your bank what kind of commissions it charges to withdraw from ATMs abroad.

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