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Wednesday, May 6, 2020


LET'S go into the ECONOMIC war behind Coronavirus, which collapsed in the middle of our lives today. I have been saying that this is a financial struggle for a long time.
Because the situation of the USA is not bright at all! Either it would be a war in which the world where weapons speak was destroyed, or a move that affects everyone but ultimately changes the system ... A war in which factories, hospitals, schools, museums, roads, bridges, houses will not be damaged! This was CORONAVIRUS ...
Now let's open the war ... Let's open it, let's understand the last move of the USA ...
The United States is stuck between the ever-increasing debt burden and employment shortages. He saw that this was unsustainable.
The New World Order has also begun to fall away from it. The European Union had left Washington in a difficult position with the support of some families. It wasn't SIR! Those who followed the money saw it. Deep America has now decided for a new path. Donald Trump won the Presidential election, although unlikely. However, Deep America played the Russian trump card to encircle Trump, which he did not trust much.
Do you think that a country with a petroleum-based economy, other than just a few military systems, can determine American elections? Everyone sane laughed.
But the American system is so effective that even this funny claim has convinced the American people and Europe. Deep America was right not to trust Trump.
Because Trump's Russian connections were important. And these were known. Therefore, investigations came one after another.
Resignations followed each other ..

Trump did not leave DEEP AMERICA alone on Russia. The European Union, Turkey, North Korea and in America's Deep request came out of the Iran issue. There was official conflict. There are hundreds of examples ...
We wrote all of them .. For example, we saw Trump, who praised the European Union for a while. There was a president who supported the European Union that Deep America wanted to dissolve.
Then Trump took a step back in this regard. Starting long before planned severe sanctions against Turkey was prevented by Trump. However, Trump has been able to do this to some extent. Then he was surrounded. The incredible importance to a country like Turkey WRONG kod'l to approach it or not its power was limited. He did not say "TRUE" by mistake, but his power was pruned. Deep America was dominating ... That was the point ... President Erdo─čan knew Trump's well-intentioned attitude very closely ...

The same was true for Iran and North Korea. Now a big strategy is needed for the United States. CONDITION! Because, as of April 9, 2020, the national debt of the USA exceeded 24 trillion dollars for the first time in history. Unemployment amounted to 20 percent with coronavirus.
However, these were all details included in the plan. But the numbers were terrible! Everything was in the middle ...

It wasn't like being moved ...
The USA will reset its debt with a new money and a new system.
I am writing this from the moment CORONAVIRUS came out ... Hundreds of times ..

The answer is simple! Because 12 asset management based in London manages 104 trillion dollars. Deep America will target London-enabled asset management.
BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street Group, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investment, BNY Mellon, Pacific Investment Management, Capital Group, Prudential Financial priority targets. Because all of these asset management groups are run from London and they have infiltrated deep into the American system.

For DEEP AMERICA, THE ENEMY was inside the house .. They were looking like this ... They were right. But all this happened before their eyes ... Even TRUMP took office shortly afterwards I wrote, "The USA will either raise the dollar or reset the debts." They had no other choice.
A name like TRUMP was required in this ... Someone with a lot of defects ...
More ...
DEEP AMERICA knows that it is difficult for DOLAR to collapse this system with this role.

Because the dollar manages these asset groups and directs them as they wish.
While the world is being dragged into a huge chaos today, who do you think the United States borrowed in an additional national debt burden of 3 trillion dollars in just 3 years? Although most of them seem like countries, this asset is borrowed to companies. In fact, the United States is indebted to the Rothschild family in London.
This is the focus of the war ... FAMILY, the Rothschilds want to end the US with money. With the biggest operation in history ... Deep America knows and sees it too ... Steps to compensate trillions of dollars after "Wuhangate" launched for China. According to one report, a compensation of $ 10.7 million is considered for every deceased American.
100,000 dollars compensation is foreseen for every infected American. It is very easy to corner China. ROTHSCHILDLER will be the target in China.

Is happening. Companies that grow as BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street Group, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, China, appearing as American asset managements. Monetary operation to these asset management companies through China is now a serious Deep America plan. They have no other choice! In fact, the option to block their assets and then seize them is on the table. Only LEGAL infrastructure left! The finishing touches are being made. Of course, this is an option to be used in case the dollar cannot turn into digital money. If the dollar is a digital currency assurance, it will be enough to just seize the FED.
Asset management implements the decisions taken in the FED. With the FED, the administration will move to Deep America.
Of course, the plans are not always successful. It is also important how to take steps after these plans. Deep America works on several different plans. It plans to prolong the economic crisis in countries where the Rothschild family is active. The IMF's African steps constantly amaze. What's in Africa?
That's the question! What did the US see there? What did he find?

This is one of the centers of the fight ... The Rothschild family will take over the management of the mineral needs of many countries over Africa after 2025.
To prevent this plan, Derin America took serious steps through the IMF. Of course, for this to happen, an outbreak like Coronavirus had to affect the world.
The United States is in great chaos today. That was supposed to happen, let Deep America take its strength.
What else could be the reason for filing trillions of dollars in compensation for China? Washington could only put pressure on tax. He did it, but it had no effect. Trump brought TAX to the agenda every day, but did not.
It did not bring any results. Washington's DEBT burden was high. The world's most indebted country wanted to walk as its most powerful country. This was the first time in history ... The virus epidemic was the last option and was used. We have seen how the virus option is effective in the world. So from now on, Deep America can take control of the world with a few viruses. They saw this. It is not a dream to say that new ones are ready in the laboratory! So infected days will only deeply affect people. It will accelerate the transformation of the systems.
This is the case ... Let's see how the Rothschilds and their FAMILIES will respond ... The knot will be unraveled again in LONDON ....


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