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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Let the World Take Action" Important Warnings from Famous CEO for All Markets Including Gold Before the US Elections


Clem Chambers, CEO of InvestorsHub, who has put all his assets into cash, said the markets will soon see a major correction, most likely ahead of the presidential election, warning:

“About ten days ago I received a warning from the market. So I cleared the decks, because I think it is very likely that we will be in markets where we will be in for a crash. Normally, before a crash, I would come across what I call a market breakdown where my portfolio doesn't behave as it should. ”

Sales Status in Markets Including Gold

Chambers added that he has 65% to 70% certainty that a market sale of over 25% will occur in the coming weeks, and under these circumstances it is best not to remain in a long position on certain stocks, emphasizing:

"Like a piano falling through a window, you don't just want to be under it."

Under such a "crash" scenario, most assets have a positive cross correlation and tend to fall into each other.

“When this happens, there will be so many margin calls that almost all assets will be harmed, just like the accident happened earlier in the year. You got a slap in gold, hit cryptocurrency, all slapped. Because when the market crashes, it is the people who get margin calls that cause a chain vicious circle, ”he says.

The Beginning, Not the End, of Printing Money

Under normal market scenarios where no major market sell is expected, Chambers recommends an equitable distribution of capital to 33% cash, 33% equity and 33% gold and cryptocurrencies.

The full effects of the epidemic have not yet been felt on the economy. Increasing money supply resulting from quantitative easing will increase prices and create inflation. Chambers uses the following statements at this point:

“We have a huge deficit where governments can't afford their budgets, and this is definitely a textbook example of what creates hyperinflation, let alone inflation. When governments can't meet their budgets, they just print money. We see the beginning, not the end. "

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