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Saturday, October 3, 2020

$100k ETH PRICE!! Ethereum To Overtake Google?

Ethereum has declared WAR on Google. Could Ethereum be a new competitor in the app development game? We'll take a look at how this new strategy could cause the Ethereum price to moon. In other news, KuCoin, a major Bitcoin exchange was recently hacked. We'll discuss this $200M KuCoin hack and what it means for the crypto world. Find out how the crypto market reacted to the hack and affected the price of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and altcoins.

Today we will dive deep into the strategy of Ethereum and how it is set up for future success. We'll compare Bitcoin vs Ethereum and highlight the advantages of each. Which blockchain has more potential? Should you be investing in Ethereum vs Bitcoin? Stay tuned while I reveal my most bullish Ethereum price prediction yet.

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