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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Giant Prediction: Watch! This Altcoin Will Enter "Full Bullish" Mode!


Popular altcoin (YFI) has seen a parabolic rally from its lows of $ 7,500 in recent weeks. After the price approached $ 30,000, it started correcting and is now consolidating from the $ 24,000 levels. Now, according to analysts, the coin is preparing for another bullish wave.

Some of the positive developments that led to the rise of Altcoin can be shown as statements by the founder of the ecosystem, decentralized option contracts, and yVault's returns have soared in the past few weeks. In addition, the revival in speculative investments has also increased the prices of cryptocurrencies and the newly popularized DeFi tokens have seen large capital inflows. As long as this trend continues, the price may continue to rise in the coming days and weeks.

Analyst: Popular altcoin YFI will enter "full bull" mode if it breaks this pattern

At the time of writing, the popular altcoin (YFI) is currently trading marginally at around $ 24,000. This is the price levels that the coin has been trading for the past few days. The selling pressure at $ 28,000 has proven to be quite intense and this may continue to slow the growth of the coin in the medium term. Until this level breaks up, the cryptocurrency could face an intense horizontal trade wave.

When this level breaks, the YFI could rise further and potentially target an all-time high in the $ 40,000 region. One trend in favor of bulls is that the cryptocurrency is stuck at the top of the bullish triangle formation. Crypto Rand, a popular analyst, commented on this model. According to the analyst, if the coin breaks this pattern, it will enter "full bull" mode. Crypto Rand adds the following to his comments on the subject:


YFI could see a massive increase in the coming days, according to analysts
Ethereum's price action is firmly guiding the DeFi market. For this reason, the cryptocurrency must show signs of short-term strength for altcoins like's YFI to rise to higher levels. According to analysts, if ETH holds $ 600, YFI could see a massive increase in the coming days and weeks.

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