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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Will Cardano See $ 2 In This Bull Run?


We are in the middle of a bull run. Cardano slowly caught the attention of the entire crypto market. Let's examine some of the latest developments in this project. Let's see if Cardano is expensive. Then, let's predict where Cardano will rise in this bull market.

Cardano Developments

If you are not familiar with the Cardano project, you are probably new to the field. For crypto veterans, you already know Cardano's potential. Here are some things that have changed with the project since the last bull market:

Cardano launches Shelley mainnet allowing staking.
Daedalus released version 3.3.0. This release offers native token support for the upcoming Mary protocol update.
The Mary hard fork, which will define its own private tokens, will take place on March 1.
The project has staking and currently offers an annual interest yield of 7.69% to 17.49% even on Binance.

Charles no longer surfs around the world to make friends. He makes daily videos and AMAs for better presentation and constant updates.

Cardano's volume is at its peak compared to 2-3 years ago. It exceeds $ 9 billion in daily trading volume today.

Multiple Partnerships Worldwide

There is more to come over time. This project has a road map. It has already "pointed" to more partnerships with companies around the world and partnerships with a particular country in Africa. More announcements will come from Charles at the end of the month (February 2021).

Is ADA Overpriced?

This is a question on everyone's mind right now. What about EOS? What about TRON? What about other overly exciting and meticulous projects that hit the stage in 2019 and 2020?

Cardano is the only coin that constantly delivers its projects and does not blackmail other coins. This means they've built something important in the last 2 years. They regained the trust of the crypto community.

Charles bridged himself in trying to be transparent, encouraging, and affectionate to many other projects in the field. Other projects even congratulate them on the achievements they deserve. At a recent AMA, Charles congratulated CZ and the Binance team on the success and price increase of Binance Coin.

This shows the humility of Charles. It points to a sense of cooperation and understanding that many will be successful. There won't be a single big project. There will not be just one chain, there will be many. Charles knows this. He is aware that denigrating other projects and just highlighting your own project will not make sense for the project.

Therefore, no Cardano is over-priced. In fact, it's still low-priced for the technology and accessibility it will bring to millions of people around the world. Not to mention the inherent value of ADA tokens for staking, growth, and utilization throughout the pipeline.

ADA Will Break All-Time High

Frankly, I think Cardano will explode around $ 1.24, which was an all-time high price. In the next few weeks, I think the price will exceed this level and be in the range of $ 1.40-1.60. We will start to see a strong consolidation there.

Cardano has a small chance to break the sell order lists and rise directly to $ 2. It looks like Bitcoin broke $ 20,000 for the first time. Cardano could do the same on the edge of this bull market. However, this comes at a cost. That price will come with a stronger retreat.

The coming weeks will be important for the entire crypto market. At this point, I think Cardano continues the market trend. There is a lot of money currently pouring into the ecosystem.

If this money doesn't flow, I can strongly argue that the entire market is expected to retreat.

If Cardano reaches the projected range of $ 1.40 - $ 1.60, his next move will be at the mercy of the market. With the project strong and steady hands behind the bags, the amount of money now entering and leaving the market is like a tsunami sucking water on the beach. Sooner or later it will hit and hit very hard.

After the tide comes in and the tide corrects, Cardano will maintain a price level above $ 1. This will be a huge milestone for the stability of the project and the ecosystem.

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