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Monday, May 17, 2021

Is This Altcoin, The Next Ethereum or Dogecoin? 17,000 Percent Done!


The altcoin project Theta Token has also been on a wild rise, but according to an expert, it still seems to have a competitive edge among other cryptocurrencies. The opinions in this article were compiled from the views of the cryptocurrency expert Bram Berkowitz ...

Bram Berkowitz draws attention to altcoin project Theta

As the meme-friendly Dogecoin has shown us, the next hot cryptocurrency can come from almost anywhere. While the majority will undoubtedly be volatile, Bram Berkowitz doesn't think we're seeing the end of the crypto craze and is sure there are other strong altcoin projects to emerge.

According to Bram Berkowitz, it will be important to separate them into two crucibles: those that have real-world utility like Ethereum and those that are artificially inflated like Dogecoin ... The altcoin project the expert wished to mention and point out here is Theta used in the decentralized Theta network that aims to improve inefficiencies associated with streaming video. Token is (THETA). Is this altcoin worth the investment? What does it promise? Here are the answers to these questions and more ...

How does the Theta Blockchain work?

Theta Blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure that aims to improve video streaming and presentation. Companies or websites that provide video streaming content have traditionally kept them all in one central system. While this may seem appropriate at first glance, if enough viewers try to access content at the same time and put pressure on the system, the flow can become slow and choppy. To fix this, streaming providers will opt for a content delivery system where they deploy a group of servers so viewers don't put too much stress on a single access point and provide a more fluid stream. However, this can be costly, according to Bram Berkowitz.

According to Bram Berkowitz, Theta Blockchain is basically trying to disrupt this model by setting up a peer-to-peer network that connects to people's computers to use unused bandwidth. Now, according to Bram Berkowitz, when someone tries to view content on the Theta network, some of the data that powers that content will come from the main server hosting it, and some from the Theta Network. Many in the industry do not view Theta as a competitor to other video streaming sites, but rather as a way to improve the installation behind the system and reduce streaming cost.

Bram Berkowitz: Theta has established several major partnerships…
Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube and consultant to Theta, says the following about the altcoin project and its goals:

Theta's innovation will disrupt today's online video industry, just as the YouTube platform did to traditional video in 2005. One of our biggest challenges has been the high costs of delivering video around the world, and this problem only grows with HD, 4K and higher quality video streams.

Additionally, according to Bram Berkowitz, Theta has formed several major partnerships. For example; Samsung plans to include the e-sports streaming network in future Galaxy S20 smartphones and may also bring other Theta-powered content platforms to its smart television platform. Large companies such as Sony and Creative Artists Agency also support Theta and several venture capital firms.

There are two types of tokens used on Theta Network! Here are the details ...

There are two types of tokens used on Theta Network. These:

The first is called TFUEL. This is how Theta pays people to extend their computer's bandwidth to the network. That's right, when a person uses their computer to share with someone viewing the content on the Theta network and therefore helps improve stream quality and load time, they are rewarded with full or partial TFUEL, currently roughly $ 0.34 per token.
The second is the Theta token, referred to as the network's management token. Theta tokens are more like stocks and their owners will be supposedly responsible for the progress of the project.
Interestingly, according to Bram Berkowitz, Theta Token probably outperformed Dogecoin. Currently traded at around $ 10 per token, the coin rose more than 17,000% from its price at the beginning of last year at one point this year. Recently, altcoin had a total market capitalization of about $ 10 billion, making it the 20th largest cryptocurrency as of May 14.

Is Theta Token the next Ethereum or the next Dogecoin?

Cryptocurrency expert Bram Berkowitz also clarifies whether the altcoin project Theta is the next Ethereum or the next Dogecoin. Bram Berkowitz says the following on the subject:

You can probably guess that I see Theta Token more like Ethereum than Dogecoin. While it has the kind of uplift that Dogecoin does, I think it's much quieter and less breast-backed. Also, Theta Token not only has a real-world and unique service like Ethereum, but also has a supply of 1 billion tokens, all of which are currently in circulation, which is good for investors. Because it can generate more demand. Theta Token will likely be volatile, and while there is absolutely no guarantee, I see much more potential in this than any other highly appreciated cryptocurrency.

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