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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Dogecoin Prediction from the Famous CEO Who Knows 9 Thousand Dollars: Succeeded!


Su Zhu, CEO of crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, says he is very optimistic about Dogecoin (DOGE) for several reasons. Su Zhu highlights that the meme coin has risen a lot.

Su Zhu: Dogecoin has managed to grab people's attention!

In a new episode of the Uncommon Core podcast, Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, says that the leading meme cryptocurrency has caught the attention of ordinary people outside the market better than any other cryptocurrency on the market. The crypto guru cites DOGE's massive dominance among retail investors on the popular Robinhood trading app, as an example of the meme coin's strong brand awareness. Su Zhu comments on the matter as follows:

I am very optimistic about Dogecoin. I've researched the community, researched what's going on and what kind of broader thesis is for people who have Doge, both normal people and investors... The best way to understand DOGE, I think, is Robinhood, the most blue-collar crypto investment style if you look at it. In addition, DOGE accounts for 60% of crypto revenues. And crypto accounts for 40% of Robinhood's revenue, so Robinhood is basically a DOGE proxy. And I think DOGE has four times more brand awareness than Ethereum in most communities in the US. Not talking like smart people, just talking about people...

Su Zhu: DOGE is as simple and understandable as public money…
Su Zhu says that DOGE is simply a “dog money” message, making it more accessible to the average person. Su Zhu comments on the matter as follows:

I think there is something very understandable about DOGE. Just like 'dog money', you invest your money in 'dog money'... I think DOGE is really underestimated in terms of this pure virality and it's kind of the quality of memes and their organicity... It's money people can have as a whole, money that can circulate between people... And also memes it's simple, just like the beer-drinking guy can understand… The selfie-posting girl can understand that and she can just put her money in and outperform everyone else.

BTC did the opposite of what the majority expected, sliding to lows in December and crashing in February. However, Three Arrows Capital CEO/CIO Su Zhu stated that BTC will end January at around $9,000, 25% higher than the market price, in an uncertain market environment. As a result, the fund manager was right and his prediction turned out to be correct.

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