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Monday, August 16, 2021

Famous Billionaire Announces How Much DOGE He Holds!


Mark Cuban, owner of NBA basketball team Dallas Mavericks, tweeted about the amount of DOGE he owns. Cuban has been making very positive statements about Dogecoin lately. Explaining how much DOGE his wallet holds in a series of tweets today, Cuban also explained how much DOGE is used in payments to his companies. Here are the details…

Mark Cuban reveals how much DOGE he owns

During a discussion about Dogecoin on Twitter, Cuban revealed that he has less than $15,000 DOGE in his personal Dogecoin wallet and the balance of the Mavericks team. Following this announcement, one of the participants in the discussion pointed out that only a small part of the billionaire's $4.4 billion net crypto wealth is in Dogecoin. Meanwhile, Cuban recently reported that his 11-year-old son, Jake, is a Dogecoin investor. In mid-May, this tweet by Cuban revealed that he and his son have a total of 3,300 DOGEs.

On the other hand, Cuban was known to be an enemy of cryptocurrencies until a year ago. Describing Bitcoin as an intangible asset, Cuban said that “bananas are edible and he prefers to eat bananas because Bitcoin is inedible.” He echoed these views on Anthony Pompliano's Bitcoin podcast, which he joined last year. After all this, Cuban changed his views and attitude about cryptocurrencies. Now, he calls Bitcoin a true store of value, and the popular memecoin DOGE is both real and public currency for Cuban.

95% of customers choose DOGE
Additionally, Cuban participated in another discussion on the right to Dogecoin on Twitter on Sunday. He defined DOGE as the people's currency and explained that his companies' sales were 95% DOGE. This request from the customer reflects the true value of memecoin, according to Cuban. Apart from Cuban, Elon Musk is known to be a Dogecoin investor. However, to date, Musk has never disclosed his net DOGE wealth, similar to Cuban's statements today. Only his son Lil X is known to be a "Dogecoin hodler". In February, she tweeted, calling her son a "first-step hodler."

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