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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Famous Bitcoin Exchange Mysteriously Stopped Transactions! Deleted BTC Earnings


Problems at Bitfinex, a major cryptocurrency exchange, caused a sudden outage. The exchange announced that it is investigating problems with the platform and has temporarily stopped trading, and the issue was resolved around 12.50 CET. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin fell. Here's what happened…

Bitfinex halted transactions and Bitcoin lost $43,000

Bitcoin lost $43,000 after hitting local highs of $43,800. Although the reason behind the issue is still unknown, it was recently resolved. However, this has severely impacted the already fragile cryptocurrency market, leaving traders in a state of uncertainty. Bitfinex said they were "investigating issues with the platform and temporarily suspending trading" primarily as part of the service update. He said that his interventions have been completed successfully recently and that the trade will open at 13:05.

Tuesday also saw the world's largest volume exchange Binance suspend trading for two hours as part of scheduled maintenance, which had no significant impact on BTC price action. But already on Thursday, it looked like Bitcoin would close September with almost exactly the predicted “worst-case” price of $43,000.

In that case, the largest cryptocurrency would once again confirm the predictions made by stock-to-flow model creator PlanB, who accurately predicted the August close at $47,000.

What do analysts say about Bitcoin's price movements?

Meanwhile, analyst Rekt Capital reiterated that BTC/USD must retrace the 21-week exponential moving average level (EMA) by the end of the market to maintain the overall bullish momentum. Meanwhile, the general state of the Bitcoin market was still far from bearish for many. Also this week, long-time expert Bobby Lee raised his mid-term forecast for Bitcoin in a new “FOMO (fear of missing out) rally” to not only $100,000 but also $200,000 and above.

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