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Monday, September 6, 2021

Monday Rally: These 8 Altcoins Are Rising Incredibly!


Bitcoin's opening of the week above $51,000 enabled many altcoin projects to enter the week of September 6 on the green board. Among the top 100 by market cap, there are many coins that perform well on a 24-hour scale. As, we examine the first 8 and report the latest developments…

Popular altcoin Quant (QNT) continues to Rise

Quant (QNT), which is also on our list yesterday, has gained 40 percent in the last 24 hours. About 4 hours ago, it broke the all-time high (ATH) at $384.76. QNT is changing hands at $349.67 at the time of writing. According to LunarCrush data, Quant's volume on social media platforms also seems to have exploded.

The second most bullish coin was Filecoin (FIL). The FIL was up 24.88 percent to $117.25. A bridge between Filecoin and Polygon has recently been established and the project has announced Web3.Storage. Filecoin currently has more than 3000 storage providers and more than 10,000 developers creating applications on its network. Third, OMG Network (OMG) is up 19.53 percent and is trading at $8.98. The current price of the coin is 68.18 percent behind the $28.35 ATH it saw 4 years ago.

FTM, LINK, and PERP were also among the highest risers

After OMG, Phantom (FTM) is the most appreciated altcoin. Fantom has made a name for itself with its partnerships and great incentive program in recent days. FTM experienced an increase of 18.11 percent and rose to $ 1.31. At night, it made ATH with $ 1.34. The number of transactions on the network exceeded 50 million, Bware Labs announced its support, and Scream, the lending protocol built on Fantom, integrated Chainlink price feeds.

Chainlink (LINK) gained 13.45% and hit $34.36. LINK powers Chainlink's decentralized oracle network. Last week, Chainlink price feeds were posted on Optimism Ethereum and Solana, while Swiss bank SEBA Bank announced the addition of a Chainlink product.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) was also among the highest risers. PERP gained 12.98 percent to $21.63. Perpetual Protocol is currently in the design proposal process for the Perpetual Protocol v2 market with Delphi Digital

FTT rises with FTX's NFT platform announcement

Qtum (QTUM) rose 12.7% to $16.14. Most recently, the FTX exchange's FTX token rose after the exchange's CEO, Sam-Bankman Fried, announced an NFT marketplace that provides cross-chain selling between Ethereum and Solana. SOL's NFT market share is growing steadily as creators opt for the technologically superior and low-cost network.

FTT is up 11.92 percent and is trading at $68.34. It is changing hands from levels very close to the all-time high of $ 70.21, which it saw about 2 days ago.

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