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Friday, September 10, 2021

YouTube's Elon Musk Bought BTC and This NFT Coin: Made 20-30x!


Known as the Elon Musk of YouTube for his ventures and known as MrBeast, Jimmy Donaldson is famous for putting on very expensive shows on YouTube. Making videos with tricks like giving people $1 million to spend in a minute is no different for a video creator. MrBeast has a huge following of over 60 million subscribers. His videos get billions of views. Now it seems to focus on Bitcoin (BTC) and NFT.

MrBeast profits from CryptoPunks NFT

YouTuber, who is also a businessman and philanthropist, has invested in crypto. According to his latest statement, it turned out that the businessman actually had significant investments in Bitcoin. MrBeast, 23, has invested in various products in the crypto space. Besides Bitcoin, MrBeast has also invested in NFTs. The YouTube star announced that he has purchased the famous CryptoPunks NFTs. He later sold and invested the proceeds in Gray Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends.

Speaking with YouTuber Logan Paul, MrBeast announced that he made 20-30 times profit from the sale of CryptoPunks. During an interview on Paul's podcast Impulsive, MrBeast said he first invested in the project when Vaynerchuck mentioned it during a search in February. Paul also confirmed that he has invested in the project, which he voiced on Twitter.

$1.5 million BTC investment

MrBeast rose to prominence in the crypto space like many other famous YouTubers. Despite being reluctant to talk about the value of his investments, MrBeast confirmed that he has put $1.5 million in Bitcoin. Paul mentioned this investment, referring to a phone call he had with MrBeast, and said that Paul made that investment. MrBeast also confirmed this.

During the interview, MrBeast also revealed that he invested in 8 CryptoPunks NFTs that he no longer held earlier in the year. He didn't give the full figure before he doubled his profits. Being open in the crypto space has also brought some significant partnerships and investments to the famous YouTuber.

Earlier in May, MrBeast invested in XCAD, a marketplace that enables one-click generation of NFTs. These would be used for creators to monetize their content. MrBeast has also partnered with Coinbase. Users using the code gave $10 Bitcoin on the exchange.

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