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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

“Black Swan Disasters” Famous CEO: Gold and I'm Buying It!


With inflation skyrocketing, many investors are 'risk-free' their portfolios by investing in safe havens. “I have made my portfolio substantially risk-free,” said Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House, adding that he bought some real estate, gold and Bitcoin and increased his cash holdings. According to the famous CEO, without a pocketful of cash, you cannot chase these high opportunities as they arise. We have prepared Jay Martin's investment strategy and preferences for you.

“Investors should not be inquisitive about gold because of what has happened in the last 24 months”

Regarding investing in real estate, Jay Martin says real estate is his safe place:

I am aggressively paying off my mortgage on all my main residences, but some argue that I should take advantage of cheap debt. I disagree, because I love inner peace. I don't care how cheap the money is. I love the increased equality in my home.

The famous CEO explains his perspective on gold and whether gold is still considered a safe-haven investment against inflation:

It has 5,000 years of history, the rise and fall of hundreds of empires, and thousands of market cycles. Investors should not question the value of gold because of what has happened in the last 24 months. What really matters is knowing the time horizon and why you have an asset. These are the same reasons why I choose to buy property now. Even though the housing prices are a little crazy, I don't plan to sell them. I don't want to sell my gold.

"I'm looking around right now and everyone is angry and incredibly divided," says Jay Martin, adding that the nature of the 'Black Swan' events is that they are unpredictable.

Stock markets are crazy, volatile and still overvalued. It's hard to find something that is undervalued in price. The question is what should investors buy and there aren't many opportunities. I don't know what this burst point will be, but the tension that will trigger the explosion is everywhere.

Most economists currently see the depreciation of the US dollar and rising inflation as the biggest risks for investors. But Jay Martin does not see these risks as real threats to the economy:

I focus more on supply chain issues than inflation. This is what hits the hardest in terms of price points. I'm more concerned about access to goods than their price. I see that the pace of money continues to slow down. We are expected to see rate hikes and that could cool the economy.

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