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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Those Who Know Bitcoin's March Level Announced the April Number!


After the recent resurgence of the leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC) as it surged above $47,000, the cryptocurrency community at CoinMarketCap predicts the asset will trade above $51,000 by the end of April.

What do community predictions say for leading crypto?

With more than 90% of Bitcoin in circulation, the inflation rate of digital assets fell to 1.7% in March, five times lower than the US dollar rate, presenting BTC as a reliable inflation hedge for investors. The CoinMarketCap crypto community believes the asset will be trading at $51,053 by April 31, up over 8% from the current price. The target is based on the average votes of 55,723 members.

Meanwhile, 34,894 community members set a target of $47,279.77 for the current price of $+178.35 (+0.38%) by the end of May. Historically, the crypto community has predicted Bitcoin prices with 82% accuracy.

The prediction comes as April approaches, with Bitcoin trading above $47,000. Bitcoin has shown a different strength, gaining 35% since Russia invaded Ukraine on March 28.

In the face of global market uncertainty, market speculators are eagerly watching how Bitcoin will perform as a safe-haven asset, and it has cleared all its losses in 2022, hitting a three-month high, clearing all concerns.

Bitcoin chart analysis

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $47,302, up 0.24% and 9.76% over the past seven days, with a total market cap of $896 billion as of March 31, 2022. After successfully breaking the $35,000 – $45,000 zone, analysts predicted that the Bitcoin price would continue to rise and could soon reach the $50,000 mark, it is worth noting that last week Bitcoin climbed as high as $48,076. However, at the time of writing, BTC declined and was withdrawn to the level of $ 46 thousand.

Bitcoin has performed exceptionally well in recent weeks despite fears of an impending global recession. As a result, various financial experts have studied the price chart movements and concluded that there is a strong probability that this positive rise will continue not only to $50,000 but much higher.

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